About TechDetective

TechDetective.com was started to help solve the thousands of tech issues that users are facing every day.

With more and more of us regular folk adopting technology and a library of apps into our daily lives, so many of us aren’t equipped to handle the problems these things can bring up. Smart technology is only smart until it breaks!

I mean sure, a snazzy new Smart TV and cool new apps on your phone are great. But what do you do when they start giving you error codes that you’ve never heard of? All you want is to enjoy your Sunday evening, but you’re stuck fighting with your expensive new gadget.

That’s why we started TechDetective. We’re here to help regular people solve any problems they’re having with their tech devices. When we discover an issue that people are struggling with, we dive in to research and recreate the issue. Then we put together the most helpful guide we can to help solve it.

TechDetective was started by Craig, with our top Tech Detectives Gerry & Monse being our prime investigators. This great little website has been built by our developer Jonny, and the comic-style artwork by our amazing artist Amirul. Click on our author names to learn more about us!

While we authors aren’t computer scientists, we all share a passion for technology. A passion for how fantastic it can be… and in how quickly we want it fixed when it breaks!

Our goal is to get you from worrying about how to solve your tech problem — to worrying about justifying that pizza to your fitness planner.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our website.

Hit us up in the comments or send over a message if you’d like to get in touch.

— Craig

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