Prime Video Crashing On Your iPad or iPhone? 6 Easy Fixes

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Does Prime Video keep crashing on your iPad or iPhone?

Get in line! Believe it or not, this issue is more common than you’d think.

Not being able to watch your favorite TV show because Prime Video keeps crashing can be really frustrating, especially when you’re paying a monthly subscription.

If Prime Video keeps crashing on your iPad or iPhone, a corrupted cache or outdated software might be to blame!

Don’t worry, though! In this article, you’ll find numerous fixes to leave this annoying situation in the past.

The 6 fixes to stop Prime Video from crashing on your iPad or iPhone are:

  1. Restart the app and your phone.
  2. Update Prime Video.
  3. Disable your VPN.
  4. Reinstall Prime Video.
  5. Install the latest iOS version on your device.
  6. Check Prime Video’s servers.

If you’re ready to forget all about this issue, let’s dive in!

#1 Restart the App and Your Phone

As simple as it seems, sometimes an app that isn’t working at its best just needs to be restarted. 

You can easily restart Prime Video by fully closing it. To do it, you’ll just need to:

  1. Go to the Home Screen.
  2. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause in the middle of the screen to see the apps you currently have open in the background.
  3. Swipe up on Prime Video to close it.

Please note that this process may vary depending on your device’s model. For example, if you have an iPhone SE, 8 or earlier, you’ll need to double-click the home button to see the apps you have running in the background.

Once you’ve restarted Prime Video, try restarting your iPhone or iPad. This simple action can unload your RAM and fix some bugs or glitches that are causing performance issues.

If you’re wondering what “RAM” is, keep reading!

RAM is where the browsers and apps you’re currently using store information in the short term, so you can quickly switch tabs.

Your device’s performance is directly related to the amount of RAM you have used. The more tabs you have open, the faster it will be used up. This may cause some performance issues, such as constant buffering, or crashing.

Follow this quick guide to restart your device and unload your RAM:

For iPhone:

  1. Press and hold the right-hand side button until the power-off slider appears.
  2. Drag the slider, then wait 30 seconds to turn off your device.
  3. Press the side button again until you see the Apple logo to turn your device

iPad without a Home Button:

  1. Press and hold either volume button and the top button until the power-off slider pops up.
  2. Drag the slider and wait 30 seconds for your device to turn off.
  3. Press and hold the top button of your iPad to turn your device back on.

iPad with a Home Button:

  1. Press and hold the top button until the power-off slider appears.
  2. Drag the slider and wait 30 seconds.
  3. Press and hold the top button until you see the Apple logo.

Launch Prime Video again and try streaming any TV show or movie to see if the issue was fixed.

#2 Update Prime Video

If Prime Video keeps crashing, you might want to keep reading!

Apps often release new updates to fix bugs, glitches, and other elements that may be causing technical issues.

So, if you’re like me and have been putting off updating your Prime Video, you may have trouble streaming your favorite TV show.

Follow these quick steps to update your app:

  1. Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal or turn on your cellular data.
  2. Go to the App Store.
  3. Search for Amazon Prime Video.
  4. Tap on “Update”.
Update Prime Video on iOS devices

#3 Disable your VPN

Virtual private networks are awesome! They allow us to access international streaming content and ensure our privacy while navigating.

Sadly, Prime Video and other streaming services put a lot of effort into blocking them because of their licensing agreements.

For instance, Amazon Prime Video may have legal issues if some of its Canadian subscribers are watching content that is only offered in France.

If you’re using a VPN, try disabling it to see if the app starts working again. To do it, you’ll just need to:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select “General”
  3. Tap on “VPN & Device Management” and disconnect.
Disable your VPN on iOS devices

#4 Reinstall Prime Video

As simple as it seems, on numerous occasions reinstalling Prime Video may fix the crashing issues.

Follow these quick steps to do it:

  1. Press and hold Prime Video until it jiggles.
  2. Tap on “Remove app”
  3. Go to the App Store.
  4. Search for Amazon Prime Video.
  5. Tap on “Download”

Good news! The steps above will also clear your app’s cache.

If you’re wondering what “cache” means, I got you! Prime Video’s cache is where temporary data is stored, such as fonts, videos, login credentials, and much more.

Your cache eliminates the need to re-download this information every time you relaunch the app. This reduces the loading times and improves your overall watching experience.

However, if there’s a problem with a file stored in your cache, Prime Video can display data incorrectly, glitch, or crash.

Reinstalling Prime Video on your iPhone or iPad may solve these annoying situations.

#5 Install the Latest iOS Version on Your Device

If Prime Video is not compatible with your device’s iOS version, the app may crash and have other performance issues.

Normally, software updates are installed automatically when your device is charging at night, but the process may be interrupted by network issues or unexpected circumstances.

Don’t worry though! You can manually update your iPhone or iPad. Follow these simple instructions to do it:

  1. Press the Settings gear icon.
  2. Go to “General”
  3. Tap on “Software Update”
  4. Select “Install now”.
Update your iOS device

#6 Check Prime Video’s servers

If the fixes above didn’t do the trick, the problem might not be on your end! Although it doesn’t happen very often, sometimes Amazon’s servers may fail, and there is no shortage of reasons.

You can easily check if the servers are to blame with this quick guide:

  1. Open Google and type “Down Detector”.
  2. Click on the first option and tap “Prime Video”.
  3. Check if the graph shows any reports.
Check Prime Video's servers
The higher the spikes, the more likely Prime Video is experiencing performance issues.

Sadly, if the graph shows that Prime Video’s servers are down, the only thing you can do is wait until the problem is resolved.

But don’t worry, this issue is often fixed in a couple of hours.


Not being able to enjoy your Prime Video subscription because the app keeps crashing can be really frustrating.

Hopefully, with the help of this article, you’ll be able to get rid of this annoying situation in no time.

Updating the app and your device, disabling your VPN, or reinstalling the app can fix the issue.

I really appreciate everyone who reads our content. If you found these fixes helpful, please make sure to check out our other related articles below.

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