How to Change HBO Max Language On Roku: 2 Simple Methods

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Are you stuck trying to figure out how to change the language of HBO Max on Roku?

Welcome to the club! A lot of Roku users go through the same ordeal daily.

You’d think that something as apparently simple as this would not have this many people scratching their heads, right? I guess sometimes, streaming can be complicated.

But does it have to be?

Absolutely not… let us show you how to make your life easier.

Below, you will find a small list walking you through 2 different methods to change HBO Max’s language on your Roku.

You can either:

Read on to make your Roku multilingual!

#1 Change the Language From the Platform

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If you’ve ever tried changing the language of HBO Max on another streaming device, it would make sense that you’re a little confused as to how you can do it on Roku.

Although app developers try to keep the settings, icons, and processes as similar as possible across all platforms, some layouts might be hard to replicate. If you’re used to a gaming console’s layout, for example, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the same options for language tunning in a Roku device.

But don’t worry, it should all be very simple.


  1. Launch HBO Max on your Roku

That’s all there is to it!

#2 Change the Language From the System’s Settings

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Assuming the previous method did not work, we’ll have to try changing your Roku settings. This is a more general solution, as it will affect all other apps you have installed, instead of just HBO Max.


  1. Press the “Home” button on your remote

You should now be able to enjoy HBO Max in your favorite language.


Changing the language of your favorite content should be very simple. However, it isn’t always so.

Whether you migrated from a different streaming device or are simply learning your way around your brand-new Roku, rest assured that trying the 2 methods listed above should let you play your content in any language you want.

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Best of luck to you.