How To Bypass Ticketmaster Cant Leave Single Seat

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Are you trying to buy tickets, but Ticketmaster won’t allow you to leave a single seat?

Don’t worry, I’ve been there too. Not being able to buy the tickets you want can be super annoying, especially when you’re going to your favorite artist’s concert.

Unfortunately, Ticketmaster won’t allow you to leave a single seat when buying tickets. But, the good news is that there’s some workarounds you can try.

If you’d like to bypass Ticketmaster’s “can’t leave single seat” policy, try reselling the unwanted ticket, using the “best available” feature, or buying the tickets in incognito mode.

Keep reading to learn more about these tricks!

#1 Resell the Unwanted Ticket

If I told you how many people I’ve seen complain about not being able to buy the tickets they want because they’re leaving a single seat, you wouldn’t believe me.

Some of them chose not to go to the event just for this reason.

Honestly, I’m not surprised. After all, you should be able to buy the tickets you want without any restrictions.

But, if you don’t want to miss the event, I recommend buying the tickets you want, including the one that you won’t be using. Then, you can resell it on Ticketmaster or Stub Hub.

Follow this quick guide to resell your ticket on Ticketmaster:

  1. Go to and sign in to your account. Then, click on your name at the top of your screen.
  2. Select “My Tickets” from the options and find your order. Then, click on “See Details”.
  3. Click on the “Sell Tickets” button. Then, select the tickets you’d like to sell and click on “Continue”. Bear in mind that not all tickets are eligible for resale.
  4. Set your price. Then, you should be able to see how much you’ll earn.
  5. Enter a payout method. Please note that if you want to resell your tickets in the U.S., you’ll need to have a U.S. bank account.
  6. Check your listing.

If you sell the unwanted ticket on Ticketmaster, you’ll receive the payment anywhere between 2-7 days after the event you sold tickets for, takes place.

But, if you’d like to resell the ticket on Stub Hub, you’ll need to follow these simple instructions:

  1. Go to Stub Hub and sign in or create a new account.
  2. Click on the “Sell” button at the top of your screen.
  3. Type the event’s name in the search bar. You’ll see different options, please click on the correct event.
  4. Enter the details of your tickets.
  5. Select the type of tickets that you have. If you’re not sure, you’ll need to check Stub Hub’s guide.
  6. Enter a credit card. The platform asks for this information to protect its users.
  7. Select a payout method (PayPal or direct deposit) and click on “Create Listing”. If you selected “Direct Deposit”, you’ll need to provide your bank details on your account settings after creating the listing.
  8. Wait until your tickets are sold. Then, send them to the buyer.

If you’d like to avoid commissions or intermediaries, you can also post on your social media the details of the ticket you’re selling. You may be lucky and find a friend who wants to buy it.

#2 Use the “Best Available” Feature

If you don’t want to miss the event due to Ticketmaster’s “can’t leave one seat” policy, you can also try using the “best available” feature.

This function will display the best available seats within your preferred section or category. To use it, you’ll need to:

  1. Go to Ticketmaster and search for the event.
  2. Select the section in which you’d like to be seated.
  3. Go to “Filters” and choose the number and type of tickets you’d like. Then, click on the “Apply Filters” button.
  4. Click on “Best Seats” and check the available options.
Choose the best available seats on Ticketmaster

But, if you’re not convinced with the seats offered in the “Best Available” section, don’t worry. There’s a way to bypass Ticketmaster’s annoying sitting policy. Keep reading to learn more about it.

#3 Buy Tickets in Incognito Mode

In the sections above, we covered some workarounds that may help, but as you might’ve noticed, they’re not a permanent fix.

But don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging.

There’s an easy way to bypass Ticketmaster’s “can’t leave single seat” policy. You’ll just need to:

  1. Open your preferred browser and turn on incognito mode. Then, go to Ticketmaster.
  2. Sign in to your account, search for the event, and select and confirm (but don’t buy) the single seat that wasn’t allowing you to complete the purchase.
  3. Open a new window. Don’t enable incognito mode.
  4. Go to Ticketmaster, find the event, and buy the tickets you want

This trick works because Ticketmaster holds for a couple of minutes the tickets that you select, so other people don’t buy them while you’re completing your purchase.

Moral disclaimer: Please bear in mind that doing this may cause someone attending a sold-out event to sit alone. This fix should be your last resort.

Ticketmaster works better with Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. So, if you used a different browser while following the steps above, you may not be able to select the seats you want.

Please use any of the browsers mentioned before and make sure it’s running on its latest version.

Why Ticketmaster Stops You from Leaving a Single Seat?

Can't leave single seat on Ticketmaster

The short answer: profit.

You see, Ticketmaster says that this is done to ensure fairness to other people who are trying to buy tickets and want to sit with their friends.

However, this annoying sitting policy was also created because single seats are more difficult to sell. So, if Ticketmaster forces you not to leave single seats, it’s more likely they’ll sell all the event’s tickets and earn more money.

I know, this can be very frustrating, especially when there are few empty seats left. But, don’t forget to try the three fixes above to bypass their sitting policy.


That about covers it! I hope that this article has helped give you some more confidence in solving the issue.

If you take anything away, please let it be that you can easily bypass Ticketmaster’s “can’t leave single seats” policy by turning on incognito mode, selecting the unwanted seat, opening a new window, and buying the seats you want.

But remember, doing this may cause someone attending a sold-out event to sit alone. So, don’t forget to try reselling the unwanted ticket or using the “best available” feature first.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article. If you ever experience a different issue while buying/selling tickets on Ticketmaster or while using a different app, please check out our site. We love solving all sorts of tech issues, so you don’t have to.

Have a wonderful rest of the day!