How to Use Waze Directions Offline In 2 Simple Steps

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Are you trying to figure out how to use Waze directions offline?

You’re not the first and sure won’t be the last! With similar options being offered by competitors like Google Maps, it’s only fair that you’re wondering whether this is possible on this platform.

The answer to your question is not very complex, but it’s also not the most straightforward you’ll ever get, as there are some conditions to take into consideration.

Without further ado, the 2 simple steps to use Waze directions offline are loading your route while on a network and keeping an eye on the road.

Read on to go off-grid!

#1 Load Your Route Online

You might be wondering what I meant when I said the answer to this question was not very straightforward, and the reason is simple – it’s a yes-no situation.

Can you use Waze directions offline? Sure.

Can you load routes and destinations without an internet connection? Sadly, no. Here’s where a lot of people get confused, so I’ll try to elaborate on it as much as I can.

The only way to use Waze directions while offline is by loading your route while you’re still able to connect to a steady network. Let’s say you’re at home, ready to hit the road and reach your destination safely and on time. To take advantage of the offline feature in that scenario, you’d have to load your destination while connected to your Wi-Fi and then drive.

Waze has no problem giving you basic routes and directions with no internet, even when the starting point is not your location. However, it’s essential that you start this process while on a network. Otherwise, you won’t get anything other than a spinning circle and endless loading times.

So, in short. You CAN use Waze directions while offline, but only if you preloaded your trip first.

#2 Keep an Eye on the Road

Now that we’ve cleared that up, there’s some additional information you should know.

Although you can load a route and destination at home and follow it offline while you drive, you won’t get the full Waze experience you’re used to. After all, this navigation platform is crowdsourced, and real-time updates about police, potholes, or accidents need an internet connection to appear on your devices.

If you’re using Waze directions offline, you’ll manage to get from point A to point B, but you’ll be missing on out on critical information that might make your trip safer, so be aware of this before driving.

Please keep an eye on the road at all times and stay under the speed limit to protect yourself and others!


That about sums it up!

Every day, thousands of people wonder whether they can use Waze directions offline, but the answer is never simple.

I hope this piece has shed some light on the matter and helped you better understand what you can and can’t do on this platform when connecting to a network is not possible. I know you were probably hoping for a different answer, but chin up! We live in wonderful times, technologically speaking.

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