Using Waze For Heads-Up Display (HUD)? Read This First

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Are you having a hard time figuring out how to use Waze as a Heads-Up-Display?

You’re in good company! This navigation platform is so popular, that every day, thousands of people around the world try to get it to project directions on their windshield for safer driving.

I know that having an app designed for convenience give you so much trouble for something that should be so simple can be very annoying. Especially when you need to get to a destination you’ve never visited before and want to keep your eyes on the road at all times.

But don’t worry, you came to the right place for answers.

Below, I’ve prepared a small article including all the information you’re looking for, as well as some workarounds that you might find useful.

Keep reading for safer driving!

Can Waze Be Used as a Heads-Up-Display?

Sadly, no. At least not from within the app itself.

Over the last few years, thousands of Waze users have requested to have this turned into an actual feature from within the app, but unfortunately, to this day the developers haven’t added it.

You can use Waze on your car’s screen by connecting it via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, but this is just screen mirroring, and you’ll still have to take your eyes off the road, which is not ideal. Now, does this mean there’s no way to use Waze for a Heads-Up-Display until the developers decide to release this feature?

Absolutely not! Read on to discover what other options you have.

Are There Any Workarounds?

Most certainly.

As I said earlier, there’s no built-in, official way to use the navigation platform as a HUD, but several companies around the world have been working on ways to address this. HUDWAY is one of the leading brands on the market developing the ultimate add-on component that will allow most cars to use Waze as a Heads-Up-Display.

Their first model is scheduled to come out in September 2023, and you can preorder it now for $299.99. I know this is far from ideal and quite expensive, but if you want to get the full HUD experience without having to wait for Waze’s development team to implement this as a feature, this is your best bet.

There are already other companies that sell similar devices and have been doing it for a while. So if you’re not convinced about the price, it might be a good idea to do some research and keep an eye out for cheaper competitors.

BMW owners might not have to buy this add-on, as some of their current models already include a HUD system that allows for visualizing different apps and information on the windshield. So, if you own one of these cars and want to try and see whether yours can use Waze this way, go right ahead.


That about sums it up!

When you’re trying to use Waze as a Heads-Up-Display, realizing that there’s no internal and official way to go about this can be frustrating. Especially considering how important it is to keep your eyes on the road.

I hope this piece has helped you better understand what are your options now that you know where things stand, and how much you’ll have to shell out to get the latest technology on the market.

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