Waze Stuck On Turn List Without A Map? 2 Steps To Fix It

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Is Waze stuck on a turn list without a map, and it’s messing with your sense of direction?

That sucks! Navigation platforms are all about clear instructions, visible routing, and overall ease of use while driving.

I know having this happen is no fun, especially when you’re driving somewhere unknown or trying to beat the traffic to be on time for a business meeting.

But don’t worry, you came to the right place for answers. Below, I’ve prepared a small list including 2 simple steps you can follow to solve this problem permanently.

When Waze is stuck on a turn list without a map, it might be due to the CarPlay/Android Auto connection between your devices and your vehicle, or a USB cable in the wrong port.

Read on to get your map back!

#1 CarPlay/Android Auto Issues

Driving with a navigation platform is all about convenience. As technology has advanced, so has connectivity, and every day there are new ways to use your favorite apps and devices with your car. Ever since Apple’s CarPlay, and Android Auto were released to the public, they have made controlling your phone from your car’s screen much simpler and faster.

Few things are as convenient as being able to mirror your mobile’s screen while on the road. But even with all the wonders these technologies provide, there’s always room for disadvantages.

If Waze is stuck on a turn list without a map, chances are that you’re not experiencing a problem, but a feature! Learning how to use new technology is always a challenge, and these connectivity options are no exception.

More often than not, when people use CarPlay or Android Auto and complain about this situation, it’s likely that the apparently missing Waze map is being displayed on their car’s entertainment screen.

I’m sure the developers thought of this as a nice way to help users navigate from point A to point B. But if you’re new to this whole car-phone connectivity world, it’s very likely that you won’t consider this as a possibility.

Solution: First, I’d like you to try disconnecting your phone from your car’s Android Auto or CarPlay. This can be done by disabling the Bluetooth adapter on the former, which will end the connection between both elements and start showing the map on your mobile device.

Here’s how you can do this:

On Android:

Please note that the process may vary depending on your phone’s model.

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen.
  2. Locate the Bluetooth icon on the Status Bar.
  3. Turn “Bluetooth” off.

On iPhone X and later:

  1. Access the Control Center by sliding your finger downward from the upper right corner of the screen. (Please note that if you have an iPhone SE, 8, or earlier, you’ll need to slide your finger upward from the bottom of the screen)
  2. Tap the Bluetooth icon to turn off Bluetooth temporarily.

This process will disconnect your mobile device, but as you can imagine, it will also cause you to stop getting directions on your car’s speakers, and music streaming won’t be an option.

Personally, I’d recommend ignoring the turn list on your phone and reading the map on your car’s entertainment system’s screen. This will allow you to keep your eyes on the road more often, and read street names better, as your car’s screen is likely larger than your phone’s.

#2 Using the Right Port

Car 12V adapter for mobile device charging
Always buy a good quality adapter to prevent issues

Now, what if you still decide that you’re ok with not listening to music or getting directions on your car’s audio system as long as you can view the map on your phone? Well, in that case, as I mentioned earlier, you can always disable your Bluetooth adapter.

But what happens when you’ve already done that, and Waze is still stuck on a turn list without a map in sight?

In that case, chances are you’re using a USB cable to charge your phone, but you’re connecting it to the wrong port. Most people charge their phones by plugging them into the USB port on their car’s radio display, and while this works okay, it’s not optimal for a couple of reasons.

Number one, because charging won’t be as effective. Those USB ports are not designed to offset the battery consumption of demanding navigation platforms. And number two, because most of those ports are also meant for data transmission.

This means that, although you have disabled your Bluetooth adapter, your phone is still in communication with your CarPlay or Android Auto via your cable.

Solution: To fix this, you can try buying a 12V adapter (see image above) for your car’s 12V connector (where the lighter used to be in older models). It will charge your phone much faster than the USB media port, and it will not send any information to your CarPlay or Android Auto, granting your phone full control again.


When Waze is stuck on a turn list without a map, navigation can become complicated and confusing. Especially if you’re not aware that the map will be mirrored on your car’s screen.

Luckily, I hope this piece has helped you see that, in most cases, getting the map back on your phone screen is super easy and quick. All you need to do is disable your Bluetooth adapter occasionally and choose the right cables for charging while on the road.

I really appreciate you sticking with me all the way to the end. If this article piqued your interest and was helpful to you, it’ll make you glad to know that there’s new content to learn from every week. While our latest work comes out of the oven, I encourage you to check out our other wonderful resources below to become a Tech Detective yourself!

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Best of luck to you.